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Vision evening a great success

17 October 2022 (by rcleave)

A vision evening was held to discuss how we're going to make this school even better!

On Wednesday 12th October in the KS1 Hall. The event designed to make our school even better was attended by teachers, staff, governors, the school council, mid days assistants and LSAs. 

Everyone worked together in a collegial manner with the same common goal- to make our school a great school!

In total there were 62 people in the hall which shows that we care and we want to make a difference. It was a very productive evening. Discussions were around what is good about the school, what we can make better, what values we want to instil at the school and what direction we want to take the school in. 

Once all the ideas are collated, the big picture will be shared with governors, staff, pupils and parents.