Long Ridings Avenue, Brentwood, Essex CM13 1DU

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Long Ridings Primary School


To enable everyone, regardless of circumstances, to confidently grow into well-rounded, well-educated individuals with strong moral values, ready for their next steps in life.


Independence  Curiosity  Tolerance  Responsibility  Perseverance  Resilience  Courage  Kindness

Core Values, Learning Ethos, Culture and Routines

L = Learn

At Long Ridings, we are independent and curious learners. We believe that independence and curiosity open doors
for our learners.

R = Respect
We show respect to everyone; we are tolerant and are responsible for our actions.

P= Perform
We perform to our best; we persevere and we are resilient learners. We never give up.

We see success in everything we do. We take risks; we are courageous and we are kind. We celebrate everyone’s
success as a united family.

Who are we?
Long Ridings Primary School is a great place to work. We recruit, train and retain the very best staff. Our staff are passionate, driven, ambitious and very dedicated. We also believe in a good work-life balance. As school leaders, we lead by example and reflect our core values in everything we do. We are successful because every day amazing
people work tirelessly to support children towards greatness.


Our learning ethos
At Long Ridings Primary School, we believe in the whole child and a rounded education. Learning is at the heart of everything we do; learning for children, staff and parents. Our ethos is embedded in our belief that high expectations achieve high outcomes! We also believe in building confidence by giving children opportunities to achieve through challenging and creative learning experiences. We want to raise standards and expectations by making sure that, whatever a child’s background or starting point is, they complete their journey with us with the academic skills, social and emotional skills and knowledge necessary to succeed.


Our Culture
We have an unwavering commitment to nurturing a culture where our children work hard, are kind and take responsibility. Over time our students develop the character which will help them succeed at school and beyond.


Our Routines
We deliver a good all round education. We focus continually on learning, operate good routines and build strong relationships with children and their families. We have very clear routines in the classroom so that all children can benefit from a calm environment. Children are expected to work quietly and independently; sometimes on their
own or in small groups with their peers and in pairs at other times. This enables them to think deeply on their own when appropriate and gives them the social skills when working with others. We foster a love of learning and thinking. We promote independence. We teach the children how to take responsibility for their own learning.