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Long Ridings Primary School



Our curriculum at Long ridings Primary School is ambitious, broad and balanced. It has been checked against 2014 and the new OFSTED Framework. We have used Focus Education (May 2021) to design our new curriculum which caters for all our pupils’ needs. We chose a thematic and Literature -Led curriculum where teaching and learning is driven by a wide variety of books. The themes which are connected to History, Geography and Science have been carefully thought about; they reflect a wide range of knowledge, diversity and fields.

The curriculum is coherently planned and sequenced so that skills and knowledge are repeated to allow long term knowledge. It shows metacognition, knowledge, skills, vocabulary and also previous learning.

We have mapped our themes to purposeful trips and meaningful cultural capital to immerse our pupils into not only the breadth but the depth of the curriculum to enrich their education whilst being in our care.

 Reading has a high priority at the school. We have put into place timetabled reading comprehension session. We link reading to writing. We strongly believe that reading is essential as it unlocks all potential for a child as they progress through the education system. We recognise that being able to read is such a crucial life skill that impacts in so many other areas of learning.

 Teaching and Learning is driven by our six non- negotiables (progress, pace, personalisation, AFL, pupils’ engagement and pupils know what they are learning) to ensure consistency. When re-designing the new curriculum, we have considered progression and ensuring knowledge is taught and stays in the long-term memory. Our LTPS and MTPS ensure this happens.

Assessment lies at the heart of teaching and learning. It allows children’s progress to be expressed and monitored. This is done in partnership with children and parents. It is an ongoing process carried out to support teaching and learning to ensure each child achieves their potential and makes good or better progress throughout their time at Long Ridings Primary School.

We have well-embedded assessment procedures in place to check what pupils can do and understand and to help identify where there are gaps. Whilst we do carry out formal assessment as a means of providing a progress measure, we recognise the most important assessment is when given immediately whilst new learning is taking place in the classroom.