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The Book Bloggers

Welcome to LRPS Book Bloggers. 

We are a group of children who are passionate about getting children to read a variety of genres. 

We are: Elodie, Ophelia and Patrick. 

Book Reviews

March 2024

Hello there. I’m Ophelia Burton and I’m reading to you what I think of the Magic Finger.

In my opinion I give it a 5-star review. Now let’s begin.


I think you should read it because it’s very funny. Also, it includes a little girl who when gets very angry with someone they get a consequence. The Gregg family’s home gets taken over, by ducks and the ducks wings become the Greggs arms and the Greggs arms become the ducks’ wings! But, at the end the Gregg family become the Egg family but then the finger is back.


That’s all for now see you soon for more ….

April 2024

Percy Jackson and the last Olympian


Review by Patrick Moss


This book is about Percy Jackson, valiant son of Poseidon (one of the forbidden children of the big three). Leading a mass of other good demigods into a traumatic battle against the imposing Lord and Titan of Time, Kronos. This audacious attempt to scupper the plans of the Titan Lord and a world full of gut-wrenching devastation. It’s the perfect mix of Greek mythology and modern-day fantasy horror. It had me on edge the entire time. I value this book massively.

My favourite character by far is the talented Luke Castellan. Although Kronos’ trickery weaselled its way into Luke’s mind, allowing the malicious Titan of time to live in his body and feast on his soul. In his fatal final moments, he fought back Kronos for control over his body and stabbed his weak spot with a celestial bronze knife. Therefore killing himself and Kronos, saving the undeniably great legacy of Olympus. Despite all his ignominious deed for that abomination of a Titan, he did what any nice, kind person would do and saved the world.

I would recommend this to anyone and everyone who loves reading. This is one of Rick Riordan (the Myth Master’s) best works ever.

Listen to Patrick's review here ....


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