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Long Ridings Primary School

What they Say About Us


Dear Mrs Murthen  

We cannot thank you and your amazing teachers and support staff for everything you have done for us during our first term at Long Ridings. 
XXX is a different child and is absolutely blossoming under the fantastic guidance of Miss Pumfrett. We are truly spoilt that XXX has such a brilliant teacher as well as the lovely LSA's. I still remember my first teacher and actually did my teaching training with her alongside in her classroom. XXX speaks so highly of Miss Pumfrett and she has already instilled a love of learning in her. Her confidence has grown, we are still in awe that she participated in the Nativity let alone sat on the stage...she was the quiet child who didn't join in at all at preschool. 
We honestly cannot thank you and Miss Pumfrett enough. 
Thank you for the great communication from the school too, it is a breath of fresh air and we really appreciate it. 
We truly feel blessed that XXX is a pupil at Long Ridings. She was allocated a different school but on visiting that school it was a no from us so we definitely have made the best decision pushing for a place with you. 
We wish you all and your families a magical Christmas and a well deserved break. See you all in 2023! 


'I attended the school tour this morning with Mrs Murthen and just wanted to feedback that I was really impressed with Mrs Murthen, the teachers we met, the children showing us around and the school in general.  The facilities looked great and the warmth of the school shone through.'

Dear all,  I just wanted to say what an amazing effort the school made yesterday to open.  A lot of work must have gone on to clear the paths and grit the walkways. It was also lovely to hear that the children were allowed to go out and play in the snow.  I loved seeing all the snowmen as I walked in.  Many thanks for your efforts. Jane