Long Ridings Avenue, Brentwood, Essex CM13 1DU

01277 222488

Long Ridings Primary School

Our Staff and Governors

Our leadership team  

Headteacher: Ms. Nella Murthen B.Ed.(Hons), NPQH (Designated Safeguarding Lead)

Deputy Headteacher: Mr. David Tullett B.Ed.(Hons), NPQH (Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead and LAC)

Mr. Martin Skingley  (Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead)

Key Stage 1 Leader: Mrs. E Sutherland

Key Stage 2 Leaders: Year 3&4 Mrs. K Eldridge/ Mrs. F Swan 

                                   Year 5&6 Mr. M Skingley

SENCO: Mrs. N. Jones  senco@longridings.essex.sch.uk 

Bursar: Mrs F Stevens finance@longridings.essex.sch.uk 

Office Staff: Ms Ashby and Mrs Pennock

Site Manager: Mr Raymond

Please email admin@longridings.essex.sch.uk to contact the team 


Teaching Team


Foundation Stage 

Key Stage 2 

FF - Mrs. A Fern - Year Lead Year 3
FH - Miss. H Hussain

3A - Mr. J Ayton 

Key Stage 1 3EO - Mrs. K Eldridge Year 3 Lead/ Mrs. E O'Sullivan
Year 1 Year 4

1H - Miss L Hare

4AS - Mrs. R Armstrong Year 4 Lead/ Mrs. F Swan
1M - Mrs. K Moss - Year 1 Lead 4C - Miss J Conway
Year 2  Year 5

2A - Mrs. S Alexander 

5N - Mrs. J Neal
2PS - Mrs. J Plummer - Year 2 Lead/ Mrs. E Sutherland 5S - Mr. M Skingley - Year 5 Lead
Year 6
6C - Miss C Coppin - Year Lead
6S - Mr. A Smith 



Chair of Governors: Mr Tom Burton