Parents Association

The aims of Long Ridings Parents Association are principally to raise funds for the school, forge links between parents, staff, governors and the community of the school and to help bring staff, parents and children together socially. 

Last school year (2015-16) we raised over £17,000 with which we contributed £12k towards the new interactive white boards, £3.5k for school trips, a new PA system, theatre visit and football, cross country and gymnastics kits.

Over the year we have organised the Summer fayre, Christmas bazaar, non-uniform days, hairstyling workshop, self-defence workshop, family quiz night, mother’s day/father’s day/Christmas gift sales, Christmas cards, Halloween and Easter cake competitions/sales, the Easter discos, film nights, inflatables day and bags2school x 3

This year we are raising funds to buy two interactive white boards for foundation, new play equipment for foundation, subsidy of school trips, sports equipment for the whole school and new books for both libraries.

If you’d like to join us please let us know, we always welcome new members or help at any of our events.

You can email us at or just speak to one of us.

We are Rachel Cleave (Year 2), Emma Greenfield (Foundation and Year 2), Liz Porteous (Year 6), Hannah Kirby (Year 5), Claire Burnham (Foundation and Year 4 ), Al Grant (Years 3 and 6), Keren Harrison (Year 6), Louise Whitton (Year 2), Zena Reeves (Foundation and Year 3)  Kate Harris (Years 2 and 5) and Caroline Chalmers (Years 2 and 5)




We now have a new PA Recycling Box (located under the sofa outside the School Office).

Please help raise money for the school by placing recycling items in the box.

We are collecting: CDs, DVDs, Bluerays, Mobile Phones, Books, Print Cartridges, Consoles (+Games).


 Forthcoming Events 


 Here are some dates for your diary (please note that they are subject to change):


Friday 9 June 2017 – Non uniform day and donations for summer fayre


Thursday 15 June 2017 – Father’s day gift sale


Sunday 25 June 2017 – Summer fayre


 If you have any suggestions or comments for the Long Ridings Parents Association, please place them in the PA post box by the school office or you can  contact us by email on